A Girly Symphonic Melody

Guys cannot pick up hints

Ok so I am in a group with this guy at school in one of my classes. He decided to leave and go home right at the beginning for some reason. After class I texted him and said that he abandoned the rest of us and he said that he left for xyz. I replied and said “you didn’t even stay for me”, did he get it? No no he did not. Didn’t even acknowledge it. How much more obvious can I be?!

Two days ago I finally got the nerve to text my crush and he responded. We chatted for about 30 minutes and I was more the one who asked him questions. Yesterday, I messaged him again and this time he was more engaged and seemed really interested in what I had to say asking me more questions. I figure that I won’t message him. I feel like I should wait for him to message me first since I already started our conversations twice. Am I right in waiting?

Popteen without Kumicky

Kumicky essentially was Popteen and now that she is gone how is the magazine going to change. What are they going to replace Kumicky’s salon with?